Production methods:

GRABNER inflatable boats undergo a process of “heat-vulcanisation”, where sections of raw natural-rubber (without roughening) are glued together, and only the entire boat will undergo completion, by application of the pressure-heat-vulcanisation process.

During that procedure the adhesive-cemented joints will merge to become one homogeneous unit. That ensures absolute air-tightness and rigidity. There is no better method of manufacturing an inflatable.


Durch Riefen werden Ober- und Unterteil flach gehalten.

Vorteile: Betriebsdruck wie Boot

Inflated bottom:

All GRABNER inflatable boats are provided with an inflatable-bottom. Only the section of an inflated bottom enables quick and easy assembly, as well as rapid deflation.
At the same time it constitutes little weight and minimum pack volume. In addition, it provides extra buoyancy, is comfortable to sit on or to lie back, and most of all, due to elasticity it gives way when bumping the ground. What gives way, can´t break!