What does that mean?

GRABNER inflatable boats are the first corrugate-air-chamber craft, that are designed for an operating pressure of 0.3 bar. Not only the first, but they are in fact the only ones.

"Riefen" make possible a flat forming of an inflatable part.

“WORLD´S FIRST” also reflects such standard with regard to quality, safety, long term durability and versatility of use, appertaining to GRABNER boats.

The inflatable boat takes form, rigidity and stability by means of pumped air. The solidity, deformation and torsion of the boat all increase in proportion to the level of operating pressure induced. The travel characteristics, stability on water (tendency to keel over) and global safety also depend primarily on the operating pressure.

Rigidity in the longitudinal direction makes the boat much more stable in waves. Torsion stability, i.e. resistance against twisting, is substantially increased.Straight running and keeping course are made considerably easier.
Less effort is needed for paddling, less energy is required for motor or wind power. A higher speed is attained for the same drive effort.

Whereas conventional boats only permit low operating pressure, the European inflatable boat manufacturer GRABNER is the first world-wide to achieve a pressure of 0,3 bar (4,3 psi).

This pressure level not only adds to the boats excellent travel characteristics, it also enhances the safety on board.

For GRABNER inflatable boat owners, this technical progress means increased safety and more pleasure when boating.

The pressure level we apply can only be achieved when using the world-wide number 1 boat-skin collectively with high-tech heat-vulcanisation methods. All connecting points are phased into a uniform air-tight unit. The extremely susceptible I-Beam is vulcanised to the skin of the boat floor and side tube forming a homogeneous entity (inseparable).

Positioning GRABNER world´s first 0.3

    Generous dimensions, robust, air-proof prime grade natural-rubber, 0.3 bar operating pressure, 100% recyclable, and experiencethat goes back more than 20 years.
  2. Cheap rubber or PVC webbing boats
    Small dimensions, lower operating pressure, inferior air-tightness, shorter life, limited recyclable.
  3. PVC tubes, cloth-covered
    Small dimensions, lower operating pressure, rapid wear and tear, short life, hardly recyclable, poor drying.
  4. PVC foil-craft
    Lowest operating pressure, high damage risk, partially not repairable, seasonalthrow-away product, not recyclable.

On a long-term basis, GRABNER - WORLD´S FIRST 0,3 boat customers will get much more for less money!